What are the Panama Papers?

kathmandu,  6 april , A huge leak of documents has lifted the lid on how the rich and powerful use tax havens to hide their wealth. The files were leaked from one of the world’s most secretive companies, a Panamanian law firm called Mossack Fonseca. What are the Panama Papers? The files show how Mossack […]

It’s Sher Bahadur Deuba vs Ramchandra Poudel again

A month after the 13th general convention of the Nepali Congress, Sher Bahadur Deuba and Ramchandra Poudel are battling it out again. During the Congress GC, the party leadership was up for grabs and Deuba bagged it in the second round. This time, the trophy is the position of the NC parliamentary party leader. Deuba, […]

मूलखबर मिडिया प्रालि / Regd. No:

अनामनगर, काठमाडौं


अध्यक्ष- रामकुमार कार्की
प्रबन्ध निर्देशक – सन्तोष पौडेल
सम्पादक – संगिता खड्का
संवाददाता – एकराज खनाल,
व्यवस्थापक : पदम लामा
डेस्क – लिलाराज श्रेष्ठ
प्रदेश नं १ संवाददाता – मनोज भट्टराई
प्रदेश नं २ संवाददाता – महेश्वर अधिकारी
प्रदेश नं ३ संवाददाता- लिलाराज श्रेष्ठ
प्रदेश नं ४ संवाददाता- विमला अधिकारी