Strikes hit Syrian airfield – Reports

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A map showing the locations of Homs and Damascus in Syria


A military airport in Syria has come under missile attack, the country’s state media has reported.

It said several people were dead or wounded, and that Syrian air defence was responding.

Syrian TV said loud explosions had been heard near the T4 airbase in the city of Homs in the early hours of Monday.

“Several missiles hit the Tayfur airport,” Syria’s state news agency SANA said.

Details are still emerging and the reports have not been independently verified.

The reports come amid global alarm over a suspected chemical attack on the rebel-held town of Douma.

US president Donald Trump branded Syria’s President Assad an “animal” on Sunday, warning that he, along with allies Iran and Russia, had a “big price to pay”.

But a senior US official has said there is no truth to reports that the US carried out strikes against government bases in Syria, Reuters news agency said.




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