Never let your passion die

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Perseverance may not be every soul’s virtue but those who realize and value its significance, will always strive to accomplish their dreams. This ordinary saying perfectly matches and guides my life story as a dream chaser. Scattered books, clothes, classmates and minds. I still remember the final exam of our school days trying focus on what has come in a few days.

Excited and anxious to leave school, at the same time, I was trying to put aside the fear of what I had to explore in life that lies beyond what I had ever imagined. I was in my school hostel at that time and I was determined to do my best. But distractions and the activities that surrounded us kept coming and going. Along with the exam pressure, was my best buddy, my dancing passion, placed at side of my wish list. For others, it was a distraction, but for me, it was a lot more than that.

My legs were always busy making deliberate attempts to make perfect dancing like professionals did. Honestly, it didn’t even come anywhere close to them. But it didn’t stop me either, and it’s not going to stop me now. So I went around dancing with friends, formed a couple of dance groups , danced in a couple of street feast and jammed with other dancer friends in school and outside, at the same time trying to teach myself to dancing prefectly every night. For me, dancing was not a time pass or a fleeting interest but it was what I always loved and enjoyed to do and what brought me closer to my destiny.

I was always mesmerized to hear the sound of the music. I read this somewhere: “follow your dream, and marvelous things will follow you.” Nobody was there to kindle this hope in me. As soon as I finished college, I knew I would have to find my own path.

Here I am in search for my self-identity and striving for building my career. Amidst this issue, was my dancing which I was always very passionate about and it was the thing that soothed my heart and reverberated my being. But making this realize to my parents was not possible as they had already planned everything for my future and as far taking my opinions; they felt I was too young to decide myself.

My parents wanted me to be a doctor and settle abroad. But my career was just not about trying to make some dollars abroad or just juggle with the work. I do appreciate my parent’s perception but the fact is that I needed to head towards fulfilling my dreams and making it a part of my reality. I really feel those who are really, really determined, are on their way to making it. Instead of mooning over the time, four years after college in Bangalore, guided everyday, strict practice, here I am in a dancing field as my hobby despite what others say about lack of money or the scope. But I would rather be happy with less money, than have a whole lot of money and not be happy at all. This is my way getting close to what I love. Even it after a few years, I find that I am heading in the wrong direction, I would still have no regrets whatsoever because the dance in me will never die and I believe we will never let the fire be extinguished from our hearts.

Here I am a dancer who has secured her identity in this busy world of perfection and dilemma. Today, I am proud to say that I have been successful to turn my passion into profession with convinced loving parents and a settled happy life. I don’t feel I could do better than this in life if I was doing something more convenient in life. But talking about the journey, it was a very hard time for me to turn my dancing passion into an opportunity.

I feel if you can continue to do something you always love with the same enthusiasm along with sense of interest, determination and continuous hardwork, understanding the need to keep up with time, we’ll surely reach the greater heights in life even if it’s about making your passion, your profession, and being satisfied with what you have achieved in the great platform of life where you need to be just yourself and choose your dreams. Ultimately greater things will follow the path you’re carved.

Standing at this point, I feel the greatest power. Everything that defines who you are, erasing what is now and writing a new story for yourself, making your life your masterpiece and at the same time, being close to what you love.


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